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The attorneys at the Chicago Law Office of Barry G. Doyle P.C. are dedicated to assisting victims and families of nursing home abuse and neglect. Nursing home residents have a right to be protected and to live peacefully and decently. We have a special responsibility to assure their well-being, as they are in most cases unable to defend themselves from misconduct.

This is an absolutely free, zero pressure service and you are not obligated to hire our law firm if you do choose to contact us. We are here to help.

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I very much felt that I could rely on Barry. He answered all my questions and explained the strengths & weaknesses of my case. I understood everything he explained to me. I knew what was going on each step of the way and knew what to expect. I was not in the dark. I would recommend Barry to anyone who needs a lawyer because he made me feel very comfortable."


The best part about working with Barry was that he would always let me know what was going on. He would call or email me back right away and was always timely in responding to me. I never felt ignored or neglected. His staff was pleasant and professional. I could rely Barry and his staff."

–Ana Gonzalez

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any challenges to proving negligence in a nursing home wrongful death claim in Illinois?

A: Yes, when it comes to proving negligence in an Illinois nursing home wrongful death claim, there are some challenges. With this type of complicated case....

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Q: How much liability insurance do nursing homes carry?

A: Here is the shocking truth: there is no mandatory minimum amount of insurance that is required to operate a nursing home, and some nursing homes literally have NO liability insurance.....

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Q: What is a 72 hour fall watch?

A: The 72 hour fall watch occurs after a fall has already happened and involves a series of comprehensive assessments of the resident’s condition to make sure.....

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Q: How does my loved one's care plan affect an Illinois nursing home neglect claim I plan to file?

A: If you are planning to file an Illinois nursing home neglect claim, your loved one's care plan can significantly affect the outcome of your case. This is because a care plan is designed to make sure that your loved one's needs are met....

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